Aks Arts presents


Inspired by Satyajit Ray

Written by Neel Chaudhuri

Directed by Neha Jain

Inspired by an iconic Indian tale this play celebrates the everyday heroism of quietly believing in your dreams, even as life takes over. Taramandal is about you and me, about our irrepressible desire to be appreciated and recognized.

Meet the nervously enthusiastic Patol Babu as he prepares for his first film appearance. Madhav’s hilarious audition, Reba’s rooftop antics, Vicky’s world of bollywood, Dushyant’s family secrets, Devika's survival tactics create a multi-layered masterpiece that examines the joy, pain and transience of fame.
A sparkling, bittersweet comedy, this play dares you to reach for the stars, fall flat, but never give up. For that once-in-a-lifetime moment always comes when you least expect it...

Satyajit Ray


Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker, storyteller, screenwriter, artist, and composer, widely regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century. http://satyajitrayworld.org


Neel Chaudhuri


Founder and Artistic Director of The Tadpole Repertory in Delhi, Neel Chaudhuri is India's foremost modern playwrights. Neel has won several significant accolades including Best Original Script in English (2010) for Taramandal.



Seize the day!

This production of Taramandal (Hindi for ‘alignment of stars’) brings in live tabla by Umesh Joshi, choreography by Reema Patel and Indian street food (yes, chaat!) that make this award-winning script come alive.


Cast & Crew

An alignment of stars

Directed by Neha Jain, this marks the first ever UK performance of the play and stars Adil Akram, with an ensemble of Ankur Chopra, Bhavik C. Pankhania, Deip Patel, Reema Patel and Sumedha Bhalla playing multiple roles. Live music by Umesh Joshi. Supported by Devashree Pande, Roli Arun and Priyanka Rai.
Duration of Play: ~90 minutes, including a short interval

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