Inspired by Satyajit Ray’s short storyTaramandal (Hindi for ‘Constellation') weaves personal anecdotes into an iconic Indian tale that celebrates the everyday heroism of quietly believing in your dreams, even as life take over.

Meet the nervously enthusiastic Patol Babu as he prepares fo his first film appearance. 

Immerse yourself in Madhav’s hilarious audition, Reba’s rooftop antics, Vicky's world of Bollywood, Dushyant's family secrets and Devika's survival tactics

Written by Neel Chaudhuri     |    Directed by Neha Jain


Adil Akram    |     Ankur Chopra    |    Bhavik C Pankhania    |    Deip Patel    | Reema Chandarana     |      Somita Basak     |     Sumedha Bhalla

"All these people, they come to this city and they want everything to happen. Everyone wants their place in the . . . Taramandal!"  


For the first time in the UK, this sparkling, bittersweet comedy dares you to reach for the stars, fall flat, but never give up.

For that once-in-a-lifetime moment always comes when you least expect it…


GBP 12.50 (links below)


Sep 30, Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone (matinee)

Oct 10, Tara Theatre, Earlsfield

Oct 19 & 20, Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch